At North Range Sod, we pride ourselves in supplying the best, thickest, healthiest lush green turf. Following your purchase, you'll need to learn how to install and care for your sod. Read below for instructions! 


We offer our 100% certified platinum Kentucky Bluegrass sod, fertilizer products, topsoil and grass seed.

It is advised to properly lay your sod directly after its arrival. If immediate installation is not possible, please ensure that all sod is unrolled within 24 hours.

To install, begin by unrolling the sod and laying it down along the longest straight stretch (ex. along your driveway), making sure all joints are tightly together without any overlapping. Place the sod in a bricklayer pattern, staggering each row.

Once you have finished laying out one area, be sure to immediately water that section. It is recommended to use a sprinkler for this step, applying a minimum of 2-3 cm of water. If your sod is laid beside concrete, asphalt or on mounds/embankments, those areas may require additional water.

After the installation, rolling the area is requested to enhance contact between the new sod and soil to eliminate air pockets. It is recommended to roll the area within the first week after installation.

For the initial week after installation, it is crucial to water your newly laid sod every day. For the second week after installation, watering every other day is typically enough. However, the amount and frequency of watering may vary based on factors such as temperature, soil conditions and time of year.

It is important to strike a balance with watering. Avoid letting the sod become excessively dry, which can cause discoloration and curling along the edges. On the other hand, ensure it does not become overly wet, causing the sod be get mushy for extended periods.

Your freshly installed sod will require mowing within a span of 7 to 10 days.

Maintaining an appropriate grass length is crucial. When mowing, avoid cutting more than one-third of the plant's height. The recommended cutting height ranges from 4 to 7 centimetres (approximately 1½ to 2½ inches). When using a gas-powered mower, it's recommended to keep the motor idling during the initial mows to prevent the sod from being uprooted.

Your North Range Sod is delivered with nutrient levels at their prime.

To ensure continued nourishment, it is recommended to implement a fertilizer program within 30-60 days of installation. North Range Sod offers fertilizer that is well-suited for this purpose. If your previous lawn encountered issues with insects, it is essential to closely observe your new sod as preventive measures may be required.

We service Greater Sudbury, North Bay, Manitoulin Island, Parry Sound, Sault Ste. Marie, and anywhere in Ontario you might need sod.

We have transport services for in/out of town delivery (some exception may apply).

There is no limit. Whether you need a roll, a skid or a trailer load, we have you covered and will accommodate to your sod requirements! With our forklifts, we are able to drop off your sod as close to your work site as possible.

Our sod is available in rolls, with each roll covering an area of 9 square feet or 1 square yard. To determine the amount of sod required for your lawn, begin by measuring its surface area.

Calculate the square footage by multiplying the length and width in feet. Then, divide that number by 9 to obtain the square yardage.

For instance, if your lawn measures 12 feet by 30 feet, the calculation would be as follows: 12' x 30' = 360 square feet. Divide 360 by 9 to get 40 square yards. Therefore, your project would require 40 rolls of sod. 

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